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Instructions for Admission at GTS

  1. Applicant should be familiar with the prospectus of GTS which gives clear information about admission, registration and Degree programs.

  2. GTS requires personal interview with all applicants before deciding for admission.

  3. The interview will be held at GTS campus in Kirathoor, Kanyakumari.

  4. The invitation for interview is not a guarantee of admission. The decision of the GTS admissions committee to offer admission will be known to you after the interview.

  5. Send the application forms and the supporting documents by the registered/speed post or DTDC courier to the Registrar.

  6. The applicants should bring all their original academic certificates during the time of interview.

  7. The applicants should submit their S.S.L.C original certificate during the time of interview.

  8. Applicant must be interested to do the ministry.

  9. Scholarship is available.

Documents Required From the Applicant:

  1. Duly completed application form

  2. One Xerox copy of the applicant’s S.S.L.C Certificate (Original certificate must be submitted at the time of admission.)

  3. Three Passport size photo of the applicant taken recently.

  4. ID Proof

  5. Recommendation letter from the Church Pastor of the applicant.

  6. The applicant’s Testimony

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